Adel Anwar

San Diego, California

If your actions cause others to dream, to love .. and to act.. then you are a leader - QUINCY JOHN ADAMS "With every change in value comes an identity crisis and a refinement of direction" Adel ** Corporate and Personal Trainer for Results Creation Guinness World Record for Memory Attorney. World Expert on the practical use of the brain computer for personal, professional & organizational productive results _________________________________________________ Expertise at a black belt [equivalent to PhD.] level goes into: - Business Mastery Bonus: Power question for you right now: * Who are your ideal clients? * Knowing what you now know, if you were to start all over again: what would you do different? * What are your key results areas [to measure]? * What is your competitive edge? Why should people purchase from you instead of from another? - Human Neuro-psychology Mastery >>Bonus: How to change your mood instantly? either change your focus and/or change your physiology in a massive way and now. Is the glass half full, half empty or some other? Depending upon where you focus at that moment of time results in the perception and justification for your answer at that point in time - Human Thinking Mastery: theory and practical techniques >>Based upon years spent with logical thinking for law, followed by neurological mastery that led to the Guinness World Record for a brain based skill >>Bonus: If you are a positive thinker, do you also know and use critical thinking? If you are a critical/skeptical thinker, do you know "how to use" constructive thinking? - Intimate Relationship Mastery >>based upon evolutionary research such as Dr. Helen Fisher, Dr. David Buss, Dr. Matt Ridley; Dr. John Gray; Mantak Chia; Dr. Deborah Tannen; David DeAngelo; Barbara DeAngelo amongst others) >> Bonus: ask yourself how you can ADD MORE LOVE AND VALUE to your lover right now ? [Sounds too simple? Simple things are often overlooked!] - Philosophy Mastery >>Metaphysics/Epistemology: the nature of existence whether you like it or not=> Existence exists, the mind of man can grasp existence using the method of perception, reason and logic. - Human Accelerated Learning Mastery >>How to absorb, process, retain and execute upon information to get the very best results in the shortest time frame possible? - Adel Book-blasting Speed Reading technology Mastery >>Ultimately you see with your BRAIN, whereas your eyes are merely vessels. Knowing this, you can have fun by processing reading inf

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