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Adele Adonai

Adele Adonai

You have probably heard of sustainability in reference to the environment. Our human and economic activity aimed at a constantly increasing consumption has had alarming consequences for our natural world and all non-human species. The goal of eco sustainability is to sustain our ecosystems upon which, believe it or not, entire life on Earth depends. Our ecosystems provide us with air, water, food and a home: ‘Planet Earth’ and as such deserve our conscious, responsible use and care.

Modern era took its toll not only on nature and its resources; it also disconnected us from OUR true source of happiness – our inner being. Many of us forgot how to hear and listen to our intuitive feelings when it comes to our choice of food, clothing, people, actions and the environments we live in. We got used to stress and apathy as an inevitable part of our lives and many of us have settled for the hypnotizing illusionary comfort of a consumerist ~ often a life-abusive - lifestyle.

Personal Sustainability offers a pallet of exciting tools that will put you back on a healthy, inspiring, fulfilling, compassionate track as a unique human being. It is about sustaining YOU as a beautiful part of this vast web of life. Its goal is to sustain YOU as a fulfilled, joyous, healthy, loving, kind, inspired, wise, wealthy and worthy being and assist you in all areas of your life to bring a massive, lasting feeling of well-being to yourself and others.