Adele Baughn Wilson

Managing Director, Streetlights in Los Angeles, California

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Streetlights is a social justice organization founded in 1992 as a Job Training, Job Placement and Career Advancement program training low-income minority men and women for jobs working behind-the-camera in the Entertainment Industry. Adele has over 20 years working within the entertainment industry. Prior to Streetlights, she served as project director on a social marketing campaign targeting Spanish Language entertainment executives in Mexico City, promoting awareness and prevention of human trafficking through Telenovelas. She previously produced social awareness media campaigns with Mediascope, developing informational outreach programs to entertainment and creative communities on the East and West Coasts on issues such as diversity, violence prevention, drug abuse, and minority dropout prevention. Adele worked at Rhino Records, and also appeared in Commercials (Oreos, Kraft Mac n Cheese, Carl's Jr./Hardee’s), on TV (Cheers, China Beach), and independent features (They Shoot Movies, Don’t They?). She is co-producer and co-founder of Nobody Productions.

See Adele with her twin sister Anadel on Dodger Fan Weekly.

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