Girl in Glasses


It's my 24th year of life but not my 24th year wearing glasses.

I'm a regular girl, working Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm. The rest of the time, you may just find me on my blog.

I'm a self-confessed cinephile, I have the film and media degree to prove it.

My star sign is Pisces but I'm not a huge fan of fish (eating them).

I'm a Disney fan, choosing to live most of my days as if I'm in a fairytale (you should try it).

I like unicorns, they are firmly on my wish list (see above).

You can connect to me via Twitter:

That's a shameful plug.

I'm using my blog to write about beauty, fashion and life through a lens observations. I'm here to fill the gaps in my life and I hope to fill in those gaps for you.