Adele Wang

Vancouver, Bc, Canada

A volunteer trip to Guatemala in 2009 was a defining time for me. It is when I decided that I wanted to pursue a career that worked towards social change.

After completing my degree in Political Science at McMaster University in 2010, I decided to go exploring. These adventures on multiple continents backpacking, volunteering and working, provided me with the opportunity to build relationships with people from all walks of life and enrich my knowledge of other communities and cultures.

Passionate about creating social change, my present goal is to connect with professionals in the Philanthropy community. Always looking for opportunities to learn and gain new experiences, I enjoy connecting with others with the same mindset.

My experiences at home and abroad have influenced the topics I feel passionate about and have compelled me to pursue a career in the social-profit sector with an emphasis on community development, and/or the arts.

At the moment, I am living and working in Vancouver after an impromptu move following a trip to the west coast. I also have a Graduate Certificate in Fundraising and Volunteer Management from Humber College in Toronto.

  • Education
    • Humber College
    • McMaster University