Adele Clark

Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom

As I stare at this blank screen I wonder what people would want to know about me, I am nobody special, I am not famous and I do not have any outstanding skills and it may be a suprise to you all but just because my name is Adele.. I CANNOT sing!! I am a average young women who has just finished a degree in visual merchandising, I have worked very hard to gain some amazing placements throughout my degree and even had the chance to work on a job for Beyonce! (Living the dream) I do not have extravenagent things and do not spend money stupidly but I love to look nice and take care of myself which hopefully will come across in my blog! My personal style is glamourous/edgy which may seen a weird mixture but somehow it just works! I love to wear girly things but love to mix it up and add some trends in at the same time!

I hope you enjoy my hourney or fashion and occasionally food ( I can't help myself) Happy Reading!xxxx