- Senior Strategy Officer at SOMEF Group a leader in the Electrical Manufacuring sector (2013)
- Senior consultant in ICT and Education at ALECSO (2012)
- Secretary of State in Charge of Technologies in the post revolution transition government (Mars 2011 - Dec 2011)
- CEO of SOTETEL, Tunisie Telecom Group, a Telco integrator leader in Tunisia (2010)
- CEO of the National Frequency Agency, the Tunisian frequency regulator
- Chairman of the Tunisian Post company, working for postal services modernization (2007-2009)
and Chair of the Postal E-services Group at the POC (Postal Operations Council / Universal Postal Union)
- Chairman of the Tunisian Internet Agency, working on the development of Internet and broadband services (2005-2007)
- General Director of The National Institute of Micro-Informatics (Currently CNTE, Ministry of Education) (1998-2004), working on the implementation of a large program for ICT integration in education and e-learning.
- Before he worked as an executive director in the private sector in the field of Information Technology offshoring.

Engineer Adel GAALOUL was graduated from National Telecommunication Institute, France in 1983 and the National Defense Institute, Tunisia.