Aaron Del Giudice

Student in Washington, DC

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University of Rhode Island
Bachelor of Science, Applied Economics

Dean's List.
Presented at the 49th annual University of Rhode Island Honors Colloquium: 3D Printing And Its Role In Our Future.
URI Financial Engineering Club (FEC) presenter: FEConomic Update.

MBA-level experience with the use of regression models to derive elasticities, create econometric asset pricing models, and optimizing capital budgeting projects.

Academic experience hedging securities, currencies, and fixed income portfolios with derivative securities, options contracts, and index fund futures.

Comprehensive knowledge of advanced topics in finance including bond valuation theory, adjusted net present value, VaR/CVaR, technical and intermarket analysis, automated and algorithmic trading systems, neuroeconomics, and options pricing models (Black and Scholes, Binomial).

Strong theoretical understanding of topics in political economy: Federal Reserve policies, fractional reserve banking, determinants of interest rates, implications of monetary and fiscal policy, and the effects these variables have on micro and macro securities pricing and market sentiment.

University of Rhode Island Honors Program.
University of Rhode Island Financial Engineering Club.
Honors Student Advisory Board.

STA 308 - Introductory Statistics
ECN 334 - Money & Banking
ECN 335X - Intermarket Economic Analysis
ECN 327 - Intermediate Economic Theory: Income & Employment
ECN 328 - Intermediate Economic Theory: Pricing & Distribution
MTH 131 - Applied Calculus
ECN 376 - Introduction to Econometrics
BUS 320 - Financial Management
ECN 305 - Competing Traditions in Economics
ECN 375 - Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
MTH 215 - Linear Algebra
BUS 421 - Derivative Securities & Risk Management
BUS 428 - Multinational Finance
COM 402 - Leadership & Motivation
MBA 555 - Managerial Economics