In a Cave.

Environmental and Animal Rights Advocate. Mom of four legged, pointy eared Buddies. Artist. Art college dropout. Ex-Freelance illustrator for newspapers, advertising agencies, and arrogant graphic design firms. Now I make half assed blogs about environmental and conservation issues, as well as trying to address the heartbreak of animal abuse.

Concerned with the state of our environment, rampant animal abuse, poaching and trophy hunting. Maybe "obsessed" would be a more appropriate word, rather than concerned.

If we cannot manage to grant respect to the non human lives that we share this Earth with, we have failed. We are no longer entitled to claim that we are a part of "humanity".

I love New Model Army. Best fucking band in the world.

i swear a lot.

I have very few close friends, but I'm civil to the rest of the folks I know. To those friends I will give my all. I am blessed to know them.

My family was awesome, and they made me who I am. Today, that's pretty good, as I believe in what I stand for, and I am a Voice for the Voiceless.

So life is great.

Tread lightly, leave a small footprint, love HUGE and live peace when you can.


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