adeline wall-avril


I'm 45 but the future is long yet. I have been working in a lot of places and organizations, because I love challenges and hate being bored. I am a woman who love learning as much as teaching, now I begin something new. I'm interested in changing the social representations of adult learners and seeking ways which tend to permit people to be self-directed without being alone.

After having been trained in arts, littérerature and social sciences, I achieved last year a master thesis about the MOOC phenomenon to imagine the future of open learning, rhizomatic thought and connectivism for life long learning. I am a free lancer, self-employee and work on learning innovations, blended learning and MOOCs of course but face-to-face too because ed-tech is not a panacea. I'm very inspired by everything about open learning, creative skills, metacognition, knowledge all around the worldin different cultures. I do creative-writing and eportfolio workshop too. On line or not. I like to help people increase their skills for life. I am currently working on developping Pop culture MOOCs with serendipitic, a team of authors,editors but also artists.

I love writing, arts, graphic novels, cinema, web, action as much as thinking because I'm sure both are the best ways to be innovative and creative.

Writing and getting involved in citizen collaborative activities about "care", "share" and learning take a lot of my time, but I also love walking in cultural places, watching films or exhibitions, with my husband who shares a lot of thing with me and is an author too (specialised in rock'n roll history) and Techonlogies and web for learning too. We both created Serendiptic, a non-profit open project. What is Serendipitic? Well....Follow the white rabbit! ;)

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