Adeline Yeo

Arnold Schoenberg, Danny Elfman and Jimi Hendrix are just a handful of famous musicians who were largely self-taught and received little formal training. Someday, in the very near future, you’ll find the name, Adeline Yeo, nestled among such respected music icons.

Adeline grew up in Singapore in a close knit family of four. Today, she is an Internet Marketer, but her passion is composing music. With no prior experience, Adeline stumbled upon music composition while playing with a new computer program. After hitting a few sour notes, her fingers grew more nimble, and soon she was creating beautiful music.

Every day she pours her energy and enthusiasm into learning more about her craft and improving her composition skills. Her dream is to continue composing music that thrills her fans and introduces her talent to the music industry.

“I'm passionate about music. It inspires me. Piano music brightens-up my life, and I want my music to do the same for others.”

“I don't wish to be resigned to my fate. My fate lies in my own hands, and I want to contribute my beautiful piano music to the world.”

Besides composing computer piano music, she was influenced by pop genres music artists in Asia. She is also an indie Chinese Pop Singer/Songwriter and she could write beautiful melody for Chinese songs listeners.

Currently, Adeline is affiliate with SOCAN, ACTRA (union of recording artists in Canada) and SoundExchange.

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