Adelia Mutiara

Hi, I'm Adel ! I'm a BAD GIRL! I was born on 1997 December 11. Love Allah, Muhammad, family, all my friends, my self, my bias, my fandom ! I'm a K-Popers. I'm VIP, and only VIP ! I'm also a FANYTASTIC. But really love Teen Top ! Wu Yi Fan ? Who is he ? Yes, my future husband :p♥ Choi Seung Hyun a.k.a TOP is my oppa ! :p♥ I'm already taken by L.Joe now ! ♥ I'm a fans of a big music agency in South Korea. YGEntertaiment! Yeah, i love all YG artist. Almi, Ghina, Arini, Lita, Rina, Husna, and Intan is the best friend that i ever met :)

PANIC ! Whats that ? It's my class when i'm in Junior High School, i really love it! I'll never forget all about panic :)

'The Tek Tek Family' as Adelia Sukirman tek tek Bebek with Winda Sulaiman tek tek Kodok, Rizka Anggimat tek tek Kus-Tikus, and Desy Kolorina tek tek Monkey \m/

Also supporting Girl's Generation, EXO, Girl's Day, SHINee, Metallica, Will.I.Am, Taylor Swift, One Direction, etc. I'm a student of SMANSA P.Bun at X-C. A part of DBGS m/

FC Barecelona big fan, esp Lionel A. Messi, proud to be an Barca Angle. #ViscaBarca

And the last, i'm BAD GIRL RAPPER wannabe :)