Alvaro del Rio

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Hi world! My name is Álvaro, I'm 23 years old, nature from Menorca (Spain), a wonderful island, but since 5 years until now, I've been living in Barcelona with my girlfriend because we are studying and working.

I got the chemistry degree in University of Barcelona (UB), a few months ago, concretely in June of 2015, and now I'm doing the master's degree related to: Research, development and control of drugs, also in UB. I combine my studies with practices in the Scientific Park of Barcelona (PCB), specifically in the following unit: Separation techinques and peptid synthesis. In addition, I have been fortunate of working in 2 lines of research in UB. The first one, was: Synthesis, purification and characterization of oligonucleotides and study their i-motif structures. And the second one, was: Synthesis and characterization of supramolecular structures and study their luminescent properties.

I consider myself an outgoing person, very sociable and friendly. I like photography and I'm a passionate of sports specifically of football, gym and running!

My first languanges are: Catalan and Spanish, but also I speak English (an intermediate-high level) and basic knowledge of German.

My goal in life, is to be a researcher and collaborate for a huge and important company of drugs. Please don't hesitate to contact with me!

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  • Work
    • Scientific Park of Barcelona (PCB)
  • Education
    • University of Barcelona