Adel Sepehr

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM)

Adel is interested in the non-equilibrium theory in ecogeomorphology, application and computation of nonlinear problems with special interest in problems which arise in geomorphology and ecology. Much of his recent work has been on the development of accurate mathematical methods for solving nonlinear response of geomorphic systems based upon the application of ideas from the theory of non-equilibrium and resilience, which inherit the dynamics and associated conservation laws of the underlying partial differential equations (PDEs).

Research Interests
Current research activities of Adel in recent years divide into two main categories:
1. Nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation, where the emphasis is mostly on ecological-geomorphologic phenomena to investigate resilience oscillations to understanding ecosystem collapse and desertification phenomena in water limited ecosystems.
2. Nonlinear responses of geosystems to environmental perturbation including Nonlinear dynamics and Turing bifurcations in geosystems, vegetation patterns in arid ecosystems, regime shifts in spatially extended ecosystems.
Also he is researching about uncertainty in natural resources and environment sciences and applications of Fuzzy-MCDM to decrease uncertainty.

  • Work
    • Assistant Professor