Ademola Arigbabuwo

Graduate Student, Research Assistant, and Data Scientist in Chicago, IL

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To say that I'm passionate about AI and Deep Learning is putting it mildly - I'M OBSESSED. You see, I always wanted to become an accountant; because that was the closest thing to Data Science in my days ('In my days?' - I cant believe I am using that phrase). In a nutshell, I have always had a thing for spreadsheets, numbers, balancing the books, record keeping, forecasting know where I'm going

These days, if you don't see me carefully constructing a CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORK in Python or just Slicing and Dicing some data I found somewhere, look for me at the hospital :(

  • Education
    • MSc Bus. Analytics Univ of IL at Chicago - Dec '19
    • MA Economics Western IL University - Dec '17