All about Adena


Name: Adena

Age: -

Gender: Female

Height: -

Weight: -

Race: Chinese

R/s status: Single

Sense of humour: Okayokay. But know when to joke and when to be serious w. me.

Attitude: The same as how you treat me.

(L)Fruits: Grape. Strawberry. Mango. Cherry.

(D)Fruits: Durians. Bananas.

(L)Colours: Black. White. Grey. Purple.

(D)Colours: Green.

**(L)= Likes (D)= Dislikes

The owl family. ♥

Verxo. Lauren. Layla. Adele. Vanessa. Su Yi. Desmond. Anson. Kai Jie. Adena.

the ten little cute owls. -quote by Vanessa

WE ARE A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! -quote by Adele

(y) -quote by Layla

Treasured. Cherised. Loved. Appreciated.

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