Aden Kirschner


Once upon a time there was a girl who just wanted to do comedy and be on stage. Believing that it was not a viable career choice she searched and searched for a better job direction.

She studied European History and Political Science, thinking that she might attend Law School someday. She taught English overseas, believing that education might be her direction. She even landed herself a writing job at a prominent educational software company thinking that development was the stable work environment she so craved (and it wasn't...)!

Throughout all of her job related exploration, she continued to perform and develop her comedy chops until she finally burned out on finding a career and realized that her passion for improvised comedy & musical theatre was the direction she had really been following all along!

The beautiful part was that she finally saw that the passion that lit her heart, was the key ingredient missing from so many daily interactions in the workplace (and out) for so very many people. And she wasn't the only one who realized what she was capable of!

Soon she was collaborating with Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation, Infinite Improv!, On Your Feet and The Art of Change LLC, to provide power-packed, playful training in communication skills for companies like Dell, The Federal Reserve Bank, the Oregon Federal Executive Board and Lockheed Martin!

She now seeks to bring playfulness, joy and listening skills to as many people as she can.

The moral of this story is if you follow your heart and trust your instincts, you will find your life's purpose and meaning.

...And if you need help with that., you can always hire Aden.