Aden Vasquez

I am 20 years old and throughout the course of what seems to be as the quick passage of but a week; I have held several Employment Positions. All have strengthened me in both in a Physical or Psychological aspect. The specifics of which would take me, perhaps a lifetime to compose... However events call for outmost efficiency.

My earliest memories of my own accomplishment begin in my Primary School life-phase. At a very early stage I was given responsibilities; that in my opinion is adequate for a young adult. I was to tend to the timely arrival and/or departure of myself and of my (at alternating years) two or three siblings. At this time I only was able to speak was Spanish with bits of raw Creole. Then when I was in my last two years of Primary School my mother was employed by the same school as a lower division teacher. At that time my responsibilities were not lessened but multiplied; I was then to tend at times to an entire class (25-40 pupils) of ages ranging from 3-5 years. Despite all this I was readily and constantly involved in Science, Elocution, Spelling, Math and Essay contests, resulting in two Regional Victories in Essay Writing and a second place in Spelling and Vocabulary National Contest. Despite of several disappointments in my endeavors mentioned above I graduated in June of 2003 with a ranking of 6th Highest PSE (A National Primary School Examination) average of the both Standard 6 classes of Faith Nazarene Primary School.

I was accepted at the Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School in the Twin Towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena on December of 2003. I was deeply interested with Computer Networking, Software and Hardware at this point; which in my opinion I hold to be my most significant life-phase. I was introduced to Computers not only as a form Entertainment; in the case of Musical Instrumental Creation and Sampling, or Photo Editing and image creation. But also as a most efficient tool! A wondrous source of information and extensive ways to portray creativity.