Adeola Olumide Pidan

MBA Student in the Netherlands

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Adeola Olumide Pidan is an MBA student who is determined to make a difference in the world when he enters the workforce. Pidan is currently studying in the Netherlands and for his MBA, with a concentration in Economics and Corporate Compliance. He plans to have completed the MBA program in January 2016.

Adeola Olumide Pidan is also working to finish a program in the medical field. Pidan is finishing up the requirements for a degree that he started at St. Joseph’s University. He is studying Health Administration and hopes to have his second Master’s Degree by April or May of 2016. Pidan is looking at careers in the medical field and sees himself possibly working at a medical diagnostic company.

While Adeola Olumide Pidan enjoys the medical field, he is incredibly passionate about economics. Pidan cares a good deal about institutional economics and hopes to one day get a PhD in that particular field of study. He sees himself doing some work regarding the economics of Africa, Southeast Asia, and more.

Whatever career path Pidan chooses to take, he hopes to end up in his original home, Nigeria. Adeola Olumide Pidan grew up in Nigeria, attending elementary, middle and high school there. He began his first two years of college there but moved to Canada and the U.S. to continue his studies. Pidan is grateful for the experience and would now like to return to Nigeria.

Adeola Olumide Pidan is always working hard to achieve success. To learn more, visit