Avinash Deori

Lucknow, India

I will live once; so, I make sure once is enough! : A marine engineer working with a Monaco-based cruise lines, I live with a simple goal – to make the most of my life. The river of energy within me drives me forward to move out of my comfort zone, time and again, to make someone laugh, to travel the world, to express myself through dance & poetry, to enjoy nature & above all, to dream.

Dream big, dream small. Just dream, that’s all! : I live in a world of possibilities & become very passionate about things that excite me. I work hard to achieve my dreams against all odds. As I did while conceptualizing & launching MERI’s (my undergraduate paramilitary college) fest (Tempest) or starting the firm (Heavenly Marriages) or being amongst the few Indians to make way into the cruise industry ie flooded by Europeans.

The best thing about leaning at the School of Life is that you never graduate : Life has been my principal teacher. The rigorous paramilitary training I received instilled punctuality, discipline & order into my persona. It also tested my physical & mental endurance & resolution to mold me into someone who can survive the direst of adversity & adapt to all types of people. Simultaneously, living away from family for prolonged durations taught me to cherish relationships. Empathy & team spirit are thus integral to all my achievements. My understanding of human nature is a derivative of my experience of sailing with people from 45 countries & working alongside a crew from 30 countries.

We make moments; moments make us : During my academic years, I toured all over India, participating in various sports & cultural competitions, opening myself to new ideas and situations. Later the global travel & my involvement with Heavenly Marriages and KHEL added to this diversity . I became vibrant, versatile, & sociable. There is never a dull moment around me. I will be the last person left dancing in parties, or playing for my college team with injury, or climbing up the stage in a rock concert! Some of my most prized possessions are MERI’s Most Popular Cadet Award, the friends I have across continents, & the bond I share with the kids at KHEL!

I do what I love – & that is why my life is beautiful.

  • Work
    • Star Clippers
  • Education
    • Seth M. R. Jaipuria School
    • Marine Engineering and Research Institute
    • Jadavpur University