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I am a realestate broker at AGENCJA WARSZAWIAK currently living in Śródmieście, Polska. My interests range from AI to realestate. I am also interested in photography, technology, and design.

In 14 December 2004 at 3:36 AM

thanks to chatbot interactions (alicebot.org) I got the idea of TIMESTAMP servers and cryptocurrency. Then registered some unique username on SKYPE which context determines my proof-of-stake of truth.

In 2006 I register domain www.cos.net.pl (computing operating system network) and few others, unfortunately, I couldn't do it for myself so I decided to make this great idea open for everyone and waits.

In 2007 I shared this idea with "someone" who thanks to his developer skills & knowledge start "the experiment " as I called it before. I also asked him to go with this idea to the creator of the most popular computer system for support with this project.I mention about PGP, I know how random generator works & I love physics.

Later, he/them wrote/s "white paper" by translating the cryptocurrency concept to the world. 21 May, 2017, was exactly 10 years of my commitment to keep silent from my will.The bitcoin computing value as any unit value defines the quality of the true string information as an inception of timestamps "__name__" signature to store any kind of information, code executed in time. As I expected, the experiment has succeeded.The idea was to propel the boom of the computing market needed to train artificial intelligence in the future, making the fourth industrial revolution, creating a competition for the reward to happen.

Finally, at the end, i had to add that my grandfather was the President of the Polish Philatelists and had the largest private collection of postage stamps.

SO I had to KNOW how to store the real "VALUE" in time.

Luckily,...:)You don't have to believe me and I don't have to convince You. Digital archaeology in data science will one day.

( Po polsku łatwiej mi się opowiada o tym pomyśle który ma prawie 12 lat =D )

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