Ade Rahmad

Small Business Owner, Public Speaker, and Life Coach in Jakarta, Indonesia

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I am a man was born in 1977
Islam moderate, peaceful, and Indonesian nationals. Appropriate nature social beings. I have great respect for all colleagues in the form of impressions and messages I've received. I claim to myself that I am not a professional if I have not succeeded in establishing a good communication relationship with you. Must learn good communication and adaptation, elements to develop the potential of self. How important it is to have a purpose to live, but in reality a lot of things that can not be predicted. That I was weak man does not know "when the fight was over". I stood between hope and anxiety, because there is such an expression of prayer, so that we always remember The Power Of Allah. May Allah make my Tasbih, my Tahmid, and my Takbir as a light heart and my mind. May I always get a clue. And may Allah make my Istighfar as a key requirement and that wish come true all my prayers

  • Work
    • Founder & Conceptor at Kopi Juara
  • Education
    • Resource Development
    • CREATIVE Industries