Adero Miwo

Entrepreneur in New York City

Adero Miwo

Entrepreneur in New York City

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Adero Miwo is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has worked in the United States of America and abroad promoting the health and well-being of disadvantaged people and the wider communities they live in.

Adero began on the path towards her philanthropic career in St. Lucia in summer 2004, where she worked as an analyst for the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative. Prior to this, she had worked as a teacher.

After her time at the Initiative she went on to work as an Earned Benefits co-ordinator for AmeriCorps in New York in the fall of 2004. Here, she worked for the organisation's Seedco program helping low-paid workers in the city through measures such as tax assistance and personal finance management.

After her time at AmeriCorps, Adero began working as a program leader at Grass Roots Organization to Educate and Eradicate Communicable Diseases (GROEECD) in May 2006.

All of Adero's work, both in the USA and Kenya, was completed as she simultaneously for her Bachelor of the Arts in Spanish and Biology at St. John's University in New York.

At the end of 2006 Adero worked as a counsellor for at-risk youth across the North-eastern United States.

After achieving her degree in 2008 from St. John's, Adero began studying for an LLM (Master of Laws) post-graduate degree at the University of London's International School.

In 2012, Adero achieved her post-graduate qualification and in 2013 she began studying for a Master's degree in International Affairs, International Relations and National Security Studies at Columbia University in New York. Adero recently achieved her Master's degree and is currently responsible for PoaPost, a project she co-founded in September 2014 that connects couriers to their customers via SMS in rural Kenya.

The innovative project has gone on to win first prize at the WePitch (Women in Entrepreneurship) and place in the top five of the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) Dean's Public Policy Challenge.

The start-up was recently accepted into Web Summit's Alpha Class of 2015 in Dublin, where only 40 start-ups are selected to exhibit for free. PoaPost has recently been accepted into Google's Launchpad program.

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