Abiola Baloye

Public Speaker, Life Coach, and Project Manager in Lagos Nigeria

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Abiola A. Baloye is a social media manager, strategy consultant, advocate, speaker and blogger, a Senior Consultant at Spiral Digital Marketing Inc.

I love the internet of things/technology and I've spent the last decade dedicating my career to digital marketing. My first foray online was in Nigeria in the mid 90's, and that got me hooked onto the possibilities of the Internet, I got into tech and then moved into marketing. I joined Facebook when it first opened up to the public, then joined Twitter. Moved into social media marketing as well as developing skills in integrated digital marketing, social media, email marketing, mobile, PPC, CRM, SEO and data analytics. Over the last 8 years, I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to develop integrated digital marketing solutions for companies of differing industries, size and goals.

My job is as a Social Media Manager for Spiral Digital Marketing Inc. and Cnergy Media Firm both are B2B Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria focused on the IT/technology sector. As part of the creative team, I create B2B Social Media strategies, primarily for technology sector clients, working with senior business leaders to help them articulate and share their story with customers and prospects on social media.

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