Student, Designer, and Small Business Owner in Lagos, Nigeria

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Abolaji is a Technocrat, a budding writer and a product designer. He is highly goal oriented and a fun lover with interests in technology, business, and its impact on the economy, environment and society. Also, he is an avid reader, seasoned leader and competent communicator.

Professionally, Abolaji seek to broaden his horizon, skill-sets(in technology and business) and expertise via undertaking meaningful challenges and constantly networking with renowned leaders, thinkers and speakers.

He has worked on various projects ranging from being the Chief Operations Officer at an e-commerce Startup, to business development officer for various startups, to various technology implementation and Hardware product design and manufacturing. Consequently, these experiences have exposed him to some of the best industrial standards and facilitated his befriending some of the smartest minds in Nigeria.

Abolajis' love for Pepsi cola is somewhat convoluted as he believes it is the best product ever designed (although not the first to market). In addition, he is an advocate for sustainability and strive to add value at all cost.

PS: Abolaji cuts his hair by himself, loves roller-blade skating, swimming and hitting the gym. Ultimately, he loves God.

  • Education
    • University of Ibadan