ade s. rachman

Loveable. I'm an open-minded person & a very good listener. Well, I'm not perfect but imperfection makes me special. Have an interest with design interior & architecture. Always listen to the music. I like the instrumental songs. I can't whistle ; (. N*E*R*D (lol). mathematician. My Colour: blue sky - sexy red - green mountain - bright yellow- cute pink - mysterious black - charming white. I was a traveler in my mind, which means a dreamer. Have a BIG dream that waits for me to accomplish it. I'd love being loved. Just like a book, you'll be missed if you're pretending like Mr./Mrs. Know it all. Cheerful People like the sun :) . I'd love to play the words, maybe it's because I like Kahlil Gibran. And I do love poetry. A romantic person, but too shy to show it :D.