Adetokunbo Adeshile

Richmond, Indiana

Hi there!
My name is Adetokunbo (no accents, it’s read just like it is written). I am originally from Philadelphia – feel free to ask me about where my name comes from.
Spiritual, business minded, teaching oriented & working for social change; I live the life of an educator & martial artist. Everyday challenge myself to improve my life through study & training.
In my professional capacity I am the Bonner Scholars Program Coordinator at Earlham College & a Shaolin Kung Fu Assistant Instructor. Functionally that means I get to lead approx. 60 amazing students through a highly intensive 4-year community service & leadership development model. As an instructor I am charged with leading combat/self defense, children’s classes, sparring/competition, Wushu, & Tai-Chi. My vocation allows exploration of what I care about most: growth in myself, & others as well as community – lovely.
When it comes to helping the community I have had many fun experiences. I attended Earlham as a Bonner Scholar. The scholarship provided access to education & the opportunity to serve the community in impactful ways. During that time I mentored youth from low income backgrounds, tutored ESL students, worked at a psychiatric hospital as a mentor to young men, worked with pre-k aged children & even helped out at an environmental center.
Those experiences were my fuel after graduation. I joined AmeriCorpsVISTA (ACV) & was stationed at Ivy Tech Community College. My role at Ivy Tech Community College was to get students involved in the community & it’s rec center to address issues of poverty. I worked with faculty to get students involved in volunteering, created the first volunteer fairs at Ivy Tech for people to get involved, & even brought in community members to a forum to discuss the needs of the community. Perfect for me since I had been so involved within the community as an undergrad.
When my year commitment to ACV was complete Ivy Tech offered me the first Assistant Directorship of Student Life, Leadership & Development for the Richmond campus– not too shabby for a first job. ;)
I continued the good fight assisting students where I could both on campus & off of campus. As lead presenter for new student orientations I ushered students into Higher Ed emphasizing its value, & the importance of being involved in order to be a successful student & ultimately a competitive p

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