Adetutu Abimbola

Adetutu Abimbola

My name is Adetutu Abimbola and I am a senior at Louisiana State University. I am very ambitious. At 5"1 my dreams and goals are taller than me and it scares me. I thrive under pressure in a fast paced enviroment and under a tight deadline.

I am happiest when I am planning an event. As a people person, what I would consider a good day is a day where I can put a genuine smile on a strangers face. The joy I feel in my heart is inexplicable. I find that I take this quality of mine to the workplace as I aim to always please a client/customer. I constantly seek to grow as an individual and as a proffessional by striving to improve my knowledge and skills as well as expand them.

I also possess strong academic and leadership skills. It may not come as a surprise when I tell you that I generally become the leader of any team I join. If not the leader certainly one whom the other team members come to for information or innovative ideas. I am currently on track to graduate with a First Class and I am really excited to take on the world December 2015 upon graduation.

The world/universe is not in anyway ready for this 21 Year Old.

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    • Louisiana State University