Andrea D. Arias

Student, Artist, and Designer in Savannah, Georgia

Andrea D. Arias

Student, Artist, and Designer in Savannah, Georgia

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From the lovely island of Puerto Rico, Andrea Arias thrived among the vivacity of its culture. She was raised among the intrinsic world of art, photography and music and the beautiful landscapes that the little island at the heart of the Caribbean offered her. After graduating high school she spent a year in the University of Puerto Rico immersed in the architecture program they offered. After receiving Academic and Artistic scholarships from her dream school she decided to leave home to Savannah, Georgia and continues her studies at Savannah College of Art and Design. Now she thrives in the fast paced environment SCAD provides exploring the areas of electronic and interactive design, architectural history, virtual reality, human experience, and technology, synthesizing them into a multidisciplinary approach to her Architectural projects, commissioned designs and visual art projects.

In her spare time she works in social media marketing for local companies, explores her artistic abilities through computer and hand drawn illustrations, and indulges in amateur Architectural Photography. Constantly taking online courses on anything she finds interesting while never loosing touch with her gamer side, Andrea Arias keeps her momentum with constant pursuit of knowledge and self improvement along side her equally talented partner Ernesto Hernandez and their adorable puppy - Krieger!


"From the moment I became interested in pursuing a design career one thing became clear: experience is everything. Design exists to be experienced and therefore the jobs of designers is to create an unforgettable sequence of moments that have a catered impact to the end user.

One of the many reasons I went into Architecture was because it was the most all encompassing field - it's true hardship comes not from the creation of images and money shots but in creating a design that taps into all the needs, requirements and issues that the design problem exposes.

My designs are very ambitious - full of research and reasoning behind every single component in use. "


"Multi-disciplinary approach - is the only approach.

Everybody has a part to play and is a key component in a team. Communication, empathy, and passion are crucial for a successful collaboration!"

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