Antonio David Gellida Lavara

Electronics in Valencia, España

I'm specialized in electronics and automation, although I defend myself well in computer environments.

My topics of interest are Ubuntu, Xiaomi, Android, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Open Source, Odoo, etc.

I worked in R&D departments, IT, I' ve experience in industry, customer service, etc.

Therefore, my roles to play in a company could be: Electronic and Computer Technician, Designer of electronic circuits, Electronic Board Tester, Sysadmin, etc.

My work camps are smd welding, embedded equipment programming and electronic CAD design. I have knowledge about Docker, Odoo, Virtualization, etc.

In my free time I develop projects independently way by Arduino, PIC, Android, etc. and I move through the world of Command Line and scripts on Linux and cross-platform app development using Qt Creator in C++.

Right now I am with the following personal projects:

-Personal channel on Twitch.

-TechShareRoom. It's a space where we collaborate on various electronic and computer projects in a Github repository and we give talks on Twitch regarding them and the field of technology.

-MotorShareRoom. Place where we meet several lovers of gasoline and battery to discuss motorsport events.

-The development of ubunsys and winsys.

-Various Discord and Telegram communities about technology.

-Adjusting Odoo according to needs in various companies.

Currently I am working in Mahle being useful in Electronic support to Software, Hardware and Test Engineers.