Adina Yuswadi


._Born: Adina Yuswadi, September 10th, Malaysia

Currently fifteen and studying. Born in Malaysia and still living in Malaysia. Busy in learning things that I don't wish to while sharing my life experiences and singing some covers of my favorite songs. Obssesive to brown and grey but addicted to orange. Loves to travel but not having really enough time for it.

A decade of living had taught me a lot about surviving in this challenging days where mouths can be controlled and words do eat people. Backstabbers are everywhere and make it a reason for me to write a journal so that all the shit happens will always be a lesson just like the history textbook. Years coming, deciding to be an engineer who writes for people who feel the needs to be in someone's imagination while see them producing new things in the field of world development. For the future, really realized that what we need is a trust in our selves.

The best person you could ever know is yourself and believe me, there will be no other like you. S

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