Adham Ahmat


My name is Adham (It's an Arabic name pronounced as Ad-ham and means "The black horse" NOT some meat advertisement ). I'm a Middle-Eastern guy, live in Damascus with my family, - Did you know that Damascus is believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited capital city in history ever!. I was born in 1993. Oh, and I think I might have a 3-digit IQ with no left-zero -I hope- :P

I love to communicate and chat with new people, make friends and have a chat with completely strangers, and I consider myself to be open-minded; I enjoy knowing more about other cultures, thoughts, traditions, beliefs, lifestyles and religions.

I love to move in all the three dimensions; if I wasn't made as human, I would like to be a bird. I adore flying and planes! I would love to have my own flying license and my own plane (so never say you're confused about my birthday present :P).