Rizky Noor Adha

Doctor, Public Speaker, and Filmmaker in Surabaya, Indonesia

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Hello, my names Rizky Noor Adha, or you can call me Eki. I'm a student of the leading and the first dental medicine school in Indonesia, Dentistry Faculty of Airlangga University. I had strength in gadget knowledge and social media. Cause of my passion in Technology, I'm joined Google Student Group, Google Student Ambassador of Airlangga University one-year program as a Social Media and Event Marketing Staff, spread the word about Google Events on campus, learning together, and many more. Because of it, I have been experiencing to create sharing and learning session about education-based technology with freshman in Dentistry Faculty of Airlangga University, I wanna make impact to make their life activity could be more productive wherever inside or outside campus. My ability to editing the video brings me to many video projects. Creating simple and creative videos by myself to entertain everyone, at once trying to entering creative digital industry. Apart from my passion in Technology, I got experiences as a Volunteer with the one world non-profit organization, Earth Hour Surabaya. On the next level, I got leaderships experiences since I was awarded as Social Media Chairman of Earth Hour Surabaya community because of my interest in Social Media. Also a plus from me, I can work in team as well and now I'm the one of representative of Earth Hour Surabaya community. Contribute and explore in this community makes me being part of Earth Hour Champions at Earth Hour Global, together encourage people to spreading the word to the world to Change the Climate Change.