Adhe Nurcahya


I was the first child of the couple Salihuddin and his wife, Fatmah. I have cute brothers, they are Yura and Yogi. Btw, why my parent given the name "Adhe Nurcahya"? Indeed, that's a strange name hehe. At first I thought they gave that name in urgent circumstances #lol. "Adhe" is which, that..etc | "Nur" is light | "Cahya" or cahaya is light (?). Then why there are two lights? I don't understand. Maybe, they hope me to be a source of light, be the best for all (Aamiin). Then why must "light"? Coincidence, I was born on full moon night at Thursday. Yeah.. that's all.

I am a person who like socializing, so friendly. I think, get together with people who have different character from me, different habits, and different hobby is fun things to do. Many skill and capability that I had in my college. Many big event that was held and I joined be part of that event. It was so greatest moment in my life. Being that, I could work in team, I could understand my teammate who have same responsibility. Also, many things that I learn in organization, especially about understand each other, be a strong people to defend the arguments, and of course about our discipline.

My aim is to work in an international field of work related to Design Developer because I like art very much. I like designing/drawing, travelling, writing, reading books (comic and novels). I also like photography very much, and also music.

  • Work
    • Dhezper Artwork
  • Education
    • Informatics Engineering (Diploma IV)