Octavianus Adhi Indriatmono

Father, Consultant IT, and Filmmaker in West Ungaran, Indonesia

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Octavianus Adhi Indriatmono is full name, my Baptist is Octavianus. Friends often call me as Adhi Kucing. The first child of two brothers, both of us were given family name Indriatmono. I born on 6 October 1985 in Semarang but since baby until now I grew up in the town of Ungaran.

When I was a childhood, go to school in the city I grew up, then when high school was decided to study in the city of Semarang until university. "I think.... it's true that school is the most beautiful period. hehe..."

I tried working at the age of 22, then married at the age of 27 and given one daughter.

  • Work
    • Technical Support
  • Education
    • Universitas Dian Nuswantoro