Adhipatria Kartamihardja

Student and Scientist in Maebashi, Japan

27 years ago, I wouldn't know that I will be who I am right now. It is thrilling and exciting to create this path of my life. Everybody will told you, that you have to comes up with many plans in your life, and do as many mistakes as you could so that you can grow. The hell with that!

I've been arranging so many plans that didn't work, so I learn how to 'adjust', it's setting your lifetime achievements and see how you can work it out. Only make mistakes that you can afford to fix, and learn other peoples mistake along the way.

Balance is the key of my life. I am not devoting my life for humanity, I am devoting myself for balance.

I love nature, and craving for adventure. I don't like being ordinary, I want to be outstanding, an extraordinary.

With this I will chase my passion to the depth of the oceans.

  • Work
    • Faculty of Medicine, UNIVERSITAS PADJAJARAN
  • Education
    • Medical Doctor
    • Master of Health Law
    • Graduate Student