Adhita Meryanto

Glorious world is too WORTH to be passed with ordinary and conservative habits. Tomorrow is never exist to someone who prefer see the past.

Keep moving to a better place without any sorrows through my mind. Because there always more unpredictable and undescriptive moments and shocking heart things which could ever catch even by our imagination.

God knows best, but keep surrender to Him should be completing with vigorously struggles to do and be the best. I know is not easily too understand my way but whereas you never believe or agree, I always eager to make every one of you happy.

I love responsible freedoms thats why I love writing, reading and football. These not about to finish the book or win the game, but enjoying it with my own satisfaction and dimension. Whiles still share with other and respect to others player and the author's efforts and originallity.

Catch me up by email, I really happy to making friends with all of you!!!