Adhithiya Premchandra

Daffodils, Magarpatta City

I am a student of St. Mary's School, Pune. I have a vision of changing environments and helping society. 'Simplicity' is my motto. Be it any task, I love doing it with perfection. My school's motto 'I SERVE' inspires me to serve every person who is underprivileged. I am also inspired by Malala Yousufzai who has extreme ditermination to bring education in her country. It is from her that I have learnt the value of education. The fact is that we don't have value for anything unless we don't have it. I have passion for music. I love playing the piano. It is a very good instrument because there's lots to experiment and learn. Other than music I like art. Art is just a form of bring your creativity penned down on paper. It is a great way to express your feelings and thoughts. Art gives me a peaceful mind and helps me concentrate better.

I hope I can inspire million other young minds with the help of this site.

Thank you for visiting!!!!!!!