Adi Sheleg Beekeeper

Adi Sheleg Beekeeper

After completing my degree - in accountancy of all things - I worked in London for years before realizing something very important… I actually just wanted to be outside, absorbing the beauty of the earth, and really didn’t like working in an office at all. I became interested in beekeeping and did a few courses in horticulture and environmental engineering in my spare time. Soon I was ready to take every penny I had, and move back home to Brighton, where I got a couple of hives going. Before I knew it, this turned into a successful little honey farm. Twenty years down the line and we are supplying a few companies with wax and honey and also providing pollination services to seed crop producers. I love my work and my little worker bees.

What about fun?

So, what does a 50-something year old beekeeper do for fun, besides work? Well, because my bees pretty much do their thing 24/7, and I have to be there most of the time to give them various forms of support, there is not that much time out for me. When I do have spare time, I enjoy socializing over drinks of some kind or another with my wife and our friends. Whether it is a pint and a pub lunch or a cream tea, I just love having some time out, talking all sorts of nonsense, with the odd bit of serious stuff thrown in. Which brings me to my other past-time: the serious business of blogging about the environment..

Saving the earth

Times have drastically changed, and so has our planet. Animals are becoming extinct, pollution is wreaking havoc with the environment and big corporations are poisoning our food and water supply. There are huge issues in the world, and we have to do something about it. It is not like we can leave and find another home, this is it for us. What I am trying to do with my blog is share knowledge and create awareness of how every person on earth can do their part in preserving the planet for future generations.