Adi Neumann Neumann Architect

Architect, Consultant, and Designer in California

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Adi Neumann ArchitectCalifornia – Israel Architects AssociationEstablished in California in 1984offers integrated unique architectural services, New Era environmental technologies innovation, for industry in key contemporary markets worldwide.2nd generation Architect and Town Planner, And A Building development entrepreneurs.Over 60 years of experience (combined), architectural servicesI.E. master planning, programming and state-of-the-art design developmentResidency Commercial, Office centers,Various Education and Arts institutions,Leisure Vacation resorts,Hospitals and medical centers,Currently planning and directing innovative large-scale Concepts,Environmental Ecological Technological structuring, industrialized development,Manufacturing and marketing methodsDirector Planner consultant: Overall project, construction Administration supervision ResponsibleProject manager: Building concept design, programing, planning developmentContract documents Project bids and overall preparation. Codes specifications analysis, Consultant engineers coordinator. In-house cost estimates, project budget compliance reviews,Construction and presentations documents,Quality control, Construction analysis, Evaluating and appointing of consultant engineers.Extensive field experience with contractors and problem solvingOn-site construction staff cooperation.Email : ADNARC@NetVision.Net.ilPhone : 972526489448

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