Adib Aminul

Luck do get you somewhere. But it's not just about Luck. It's about Believing..

I am a man. I am a sample of Human being, a sample of best creature. I am a painting of God, created to beautify the world. And that's all what I am. I like nature very much. Moonlit night, sun shining day, blue sky, green forest can make my mind happy at any time. I dont know what my aim is.I'm reading science and hope that this will take me to a good way. But any targeted Aim in life? No. I dont like smoking,quarreling,taking revenge and anyother violence. Personally, I'm a very unsmart and unsocial boy. I cant talk with other people comfortably. Specially, i cant say even a single word to any girl. Thatz why, i dont have any friendship with any girl. Finally I would say, i dream to change the world,dream to change the face of the society. So that people will remind me as a torchbearer of changing.