Antonia DiBona

Hi. Welcome to my research blog. I've never had a personal blog before, I just blogged for class. I like how this time, even though it is for a class, the scope of my blog is much broader encompassing my research project for this semester. I am in my 3rd semester at Rowan University studying for my M.A. in Writing. My background is actually biology. I have my Bachelor's in biology from Ursinus College. I taught science in middle school for three years before deciding to go back to grad school. I realized I always enjoyed writing lab reports and research papers more than actually being in the lab so I am changing gears and trying writing.

I feel this blog will give me the chance to fully explore what it means to blog on the web because most of the posts will be about one topic and how I personally am invested in the topic. In other words, it won't just be a place to talk about this week's readings. I am researching local wineries in South Jersey. I'd like to know about the wine industry here and talk with wine makers to grasp where the industry is headed. New laws have been passed regarding the distribution of wine in New Jersey and I'd like to see how that affects the industry. As a graduate student I have taken classes in nonfiction so I feel that will help immensely with the article I plan to write. After graduating, ideally I'd like to work for a magazine or newspaper in a staff writer role eventually working my way up to editor. I hope to publish my article on wineries in local magazines and some national wine magazines. This should be fun!