Adiel Gavish

Network weaver, founder, and Social Media Manager in New York

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I believe nature is the original social entrepreneur. As founder of the BiomimicryNYC regional network, I am dedicating to scaling the practice of biomimicry by connecting + cultivating a community of innovators inspired and mentored by nature.

In partnership with the Biomimicry Global Network, I am helping to weave a community of professionals, galvanized by the sustainable promise of this science, philosophy, practice and art.

Grounded by physics and connected to the depths of time, biomimicry brings us back to our deepest roots.

Nature has been conducting sustainable + regenerative design for billions of years, and "seeing nature as our mentor, rather than a warehouse of goods is a powerful act," (Janine Benyus).

I am inspired by this every single day, because learning from not just about nature is one of the ways in which we can fundamentally change our relationship with our natural world, and leave this planet in a better place for future generations.

ANYONE can study, learn, appreciate and apply "Life's Principles" ( <--- FREE resource) of design in order to help create conditions conducive to life.

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