Ade Luqman Nulhakim S.Sos

Communication Analyst in Bandung, Indonesia

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Luqman is a very energetic and passionate person. His experiences in youth-community activities have shaped him into a leader and problem-solver. He is an open-minded person and always seek to collaborate with young people and other institutions to contribute for the society. Not only that, he is also productive as a writer and journalist in theme of socio-cultural activism and media studies. His dream is to eradicate inequality and strengthen our national’s unity in diversity through peace-building and public participation in development.

Luqman hope that by starting new things he can get to live a life lesson. He believes that what he was doing at this time is an asset for the future. With consistent , focused, and believe in hisself, Luqman sure to realize the dreams of the future magnitude. He is a visionary, and a social innovator, his journey to realizing his passions in life has landed him as a social worker.

The principle is evident when Luqman get some chance to become Ambassador of West Java Language ( 2013) , Finalist Climate Smart Leaders ( 2014 ), Delegation of the Indonesian Youth Forum 15 ( 2013), founder of the Sundanese Corner ( 2013), to be the initiator of the movement of Sinergi Berkarya ( 2013) .

"Life is short , do not waste it being sad . Be who you are , be who you want to be , be the greatest and most happiness person in the world"

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    • UIN Sunan Gunung Djati