Akshay Chauhan

Akshay is a modernistic Indian Entrepreneur having his heels in Social Media World. He gratify Entrepreneurs and Corporate Professionals to spread their pipelines globally all through digital routes. He accommodate people who are Born from a Boom Box and craving to emerge as brands in their respective markets.

He is a certified Social Media Analyst/Enabler. He completed his course in Digital and Social Media Marketing from iMET Academy in 2014.

He owns A Digital Face consultancy where he offers Online Marketing, Branding, Digital Media Planning and Online Reputation Management services to Entrepreneurs and Corporate Professionals and helps them to reach Thought Leadership Level.A Digital Face is an organisation which promotes Entrepreneurs and Corporate Professionals to a whole new level by using Innovative Avatars, Collective Intelligence and Social Media. A Digital Face helps all such people in attaining the real ROI of their services and unveiling them to the world towards which they are inclined from long time. A Digital Face synchronize all such people with digital world who are craving to intensify their arteries in this world and wants to fulfil their aspirations. If you want to work creatively rather in an antique manner, A Digital Face is the right stop for you.

He is also a social activist, right away running a campaign ‘Revoluting Women’. Revoluting Women is initiated to spread awareness regarding subjects that leads to violence against women. A FACE of Women features awareness and change for empowerment of women. A FACE of Women works for 5 main causes-Abduction│Female Victimization│Adapted Dual Standards│Child Prostitution│Enslavement

  • Work
    • OCC International
  • Education
    • iMET Global
    • Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
    • Delhi University