Aditya Kharvi

Hi, I am Aditya Kharvi, son of Vikram Kharvi, a PR practitioner and a social media junkie, this must be evident from the fact that all my social network profiles have been created on the day I was born (15 February 2011). This is the height of being so addicted to social media, but anyway I love my dad and he is the best. According to my dad my birth was like a power-packed TV serial, which involved all elements of a good drama like: Happiness (the entire world around me expected to be born on 14th Feb, the valentine’s day, but I decided to ditch them and was born two hours late, afterall I would not liked to be called with cheesy names as Casanova or a lover boy etc. ;)) Violence (My massi had got really violent on my nani, when the doctors declared that my mom will have to be operated to get me out), Pain (my poor mom was in pain for two whole days and was continuously cursing me, but what I could have done, poor me ) Sorrow (my entire family were in the depth of grief when the doctors said that I mom needs to be operated after going through two days of severe pain) Prayers (I think I am totally blessed, I cant even count the number of people who prayed for my safety with my little fingers) Fun (All my aunties like Supriya, Vero, Marina, Selvina, having a great time, simply waiting for me). Anyway after all those deliberations, Now I am out onto this world, to see, explore and conquer. “Ye bachna ye hasino, lo mein aa gaya” hahaha So stay tuned, I (actually my dad) will update you on all my future endeavors and adventures. Be my friends and seek advices and opinions (I think I am good at it you see). I will be more than happy to come out of my way to help you (but you will need to carry me wherever you want to take me and you can discuss my consultancy charges with my dad).