Adil Hussain

Public Speaker, Writer, and Student in Islamabad, Pakistan

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Hi, I’m Adil. I’m a public speaker living in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Hailing from a middle-class family, with big dreams in my small eyes to be a successful person in my life, I started my journey. When I was young my dream was to become pilot but I failed in fulfilling my very first ambition.

Going through tough and challenging paths of my life I decided to be a public speaker and a journalist in my future. When for the first time I went to stage, facing an audience of about five hundred people, I was completely nervous; at that time I was like a man who has been thrown out from plane without parachute seeing no hope of survival and I fell there but rose up with new thrill and determination to never give up and now I can address a large number of audience.

As I am fond of journalism I have worked in AAJ News Television, ARY and now a Reporter at GTV HD, beside this I write blogs for online media outlets. I believe that “A man failures in life and commitment to stand up again and again whenever he falls decide his future”.