Adil Sardar

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi There, I am the lead developer at WaveDNA, a music software and research company. We are the creators of Liquid Rhythm, a unique way to compose and visualize rhythm patterms, drums and percussion. Every day is unique, and everyone in the small WaveDNA team wears multiple hats. Giving everyone of great opportunity to grow and learn as individuals, while building something we love.

Before joining WaveDNA, I worked at IBM's Toronto Lab, in the Database Technology division for their flagship database DB2. On the server technology team, we built high performance utilities for data movement, sorting and redistribution for the massively parallel edition. It was a great experience for learning low level C/C++ code, and development principles for large, international team.

While at IBM, joined the Agile initiative, and was part of the workshop presentation team. Applied what we taught, and brought Agile and Lean principles to my teams development projects.

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    • Computer Science, University of Toronto