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Teacher in Telok Panglima Garang, Malaysia


Teacher in Telok Panglima Garang, Malaysia

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assalamualaikum and selamat sejahtera,salam satu Malaysia everyone :D

Haiii its me along. ^__^

i would like to tell everyone about myself. i was born on January 1992, yeah that was the huge reason why people call me that way, perhaps ;) plus im the eldest from 7 siblings. okay, i am kind of extrovert person,and obviously im talkative and sociable. i had scored high conscientiousness for my personality test. so i can tell my self as an organized, vigilant kind of person. i hope in positive ways. <3 aminn. I would like to be an educator someday :)

appreciation? basically everyone needs that appreciation to repeating their daily behavior right? so do i :) what people value the most about me is cheerful and organized kind of person. why cheerful?ermm let me guess.. my family and my friends had told me that i am "silent breaker" .. since i was born with this "talented", i am willingly to be part of anyone's smile. second is, organized or manageable kind of person.yes i do admit i am strict,manageable and punctual kind of person. hey! please do not no worries guys,because its not that bad as you thought. :D

what is the important things to me? for this time being, i would say..... istiqamah (consistency in doing Ibadah) of islamic religion. The strong belief of it guide us to the right path. so here i am, Alhamdulillah. Allah the almighty. the One who always letting me strength.Put the trust on Him. always. THERE ALWAYS WISDOM BEHIND IT :)

its totally related on education. its brings matter to me in varies ways. from my own humble point of view, life is just nothing even having those high achievement in education without the existence of Islam and Iman. if we do values of it,then apply and contribute something to the society, helping the ummah,nation,and country.

since family as the agent of socialization, yes definitely family come first for the sources of moral support in everything. family is the one who always believe in me and always be by my side through thick and thin. im keep holding their belief on me and will prove to them someday and wont make them disappoint on me.biiznillah :)

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    • International Islamic University Malaysia