Adile Korumaz

Project Manager, Consultant, and marketing/PR in İstanbul, Türkiye

Adile Korumaz

Project Manager, Consultant, and marketing/PR in İstanbul, Türkiye

I love people, even some of them monster, i have faith that there is always something good inside of them, it is just hidden.

I can't share my chocolate! But i can share a bright smile from heart.. I do love helping people but, don't believe in helping through NGO's unless you are not working to help. I think most of people need to communicate rather than donating money. I love taking pictures, writing poem, and short stories, and reading book is like chocolate for me! I love my family.

How i see life?

Life is a business that we have no chance to live it again, we should manage it effectively and efficiently. Believe in or not, we all managers of ourselves. Even you think that you can't do something like being manager or leader; OH I AM SORRY but you already started breathing:) . You are not managing a business YOUR LIFE IS RUNNING and you are the main manager of your life. Your body is tangible asset and your soul is intangible asset. This is HOW I SEE LIFE.

Maybe, some of us just love being guest, in their life and do not want to even control or manage the life they have but, somehow you should know yourself better than everyone, if not your life would be everyone's besides being yours.

Education: (Eğitim)

Ihlas Collage,

Aka Collage,(IB programme)

Bilgi University (2011-2013)

Geneva Business School , Barcelona Campus.(2013-2015) INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT

Languages: English, Turkish and Spanish (B1 Level).

I love brand management, PR, HRM, social network, business ethics, CSR projects which i have experiences not in corporate level but i studied IB Programme and i was a supervisor of my team in CAS activities, even i say i hate talking about politics, my other part loves debating with people.


People are doing what they are do..! I do have many mistakes in my life and i will! But i will be careful to not do same mistake more than 2 times.

I know that we cannot escape from MATH!=)))

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    • ozkorumaz alüminyum sanayi ltd.şti.
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    • Geneva Business School